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Thu, Jul

Scooters: the Asaps’ alarm


We are getting used to see scooters that parade, not too slowly, on our streets.

But the toll is not exactly peachy in terms of accidents. The Scooter Observatory of Asaps, the Association of Supporters and Friends of the Traffic Police, in the past year counted as many as 125 serious road accidents in Italy, with one death in Budrio (in the province of Bologna) in June 2020, 11 injured in critical conditions and 49 with a prognosis of more than 40 days. 2021 begun with a serious accident involving a 34-year old woman in Genoa, a mother of two kids. She was on a scooter and got killed after a collision with a truck. On June 2019, scooters have been launched as electric micro mobility devices on a trial base. Then, a decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in 2020 recognized them as a real vehicles, just like bicycles. Scooters, in addition to be a modern, agile, pollution free vehicles, add a significant danger if they are not driven with caution and following the car rules – states Mr. Giordano Biserni, Asaps’ President.